Parallel Universe, Re-incarnation and Karma

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Monday, February 25, 2008
Parallel Universe, Re-incarnation, and Karma.
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Over a month ago I was working in my office/studio and listening to a Popular National Syndicated Radio Program. The Program deals with The Supernatural, Conspiracies,UFO,and other Theories/Phenomenons. A guest came on to discuss Parallel Universe. I stopped what i was doing when i heard him retelling a theory about many universes that are identical to this current universe. The theory was told to him by a well known and respected Scientists that had a lot to lose by presenting this controversial theory. I was surprised to know that the host of the program was shocked..a wow! moment. The guest who is an expert in this field of science, said he was also blown away after he heard it explained in the manner it was presented. I said to myself…That is not strange!!! I always wondered about this…a few callers to the show confirmed that i wasn’t alone with my thoughts about this Dimension known as a Parallel Universe… Over the last 13 years i became familiar with what is now known as karma,dimensions, re-incarnation etc, etc…I put together my own theory,and hypothesis to explain some aspects of Alternate Dimensions(Parallel Universe), Karma, Reincarnation…and how they can all be connected…

The car was badly crushed, many people wondered how did the 2 people in the car survived(i was the driver), did i really survived..or am i now in the Alternate Universe writing this to my friends on Myspace! Is this a crazy theory? maybe at first or the unwillingness to open one’s mind, but is it possible, certainly.. This is all open for discussion.(keep in mind, if you were given a chance in a parallel universe, it alternates for you, your same love ones and friends,etc,etc are there with you)…Quite a few years ago, i had a physical confrontation with a criminal, i refused to give up my chain, my bling!(i was a college kid and worked damn hard for it! and nothing was guaranteed that night on a lonely dark street. After a brief and intense struggle on the ground, the gun fell, he got to it first and pointed it at me and pressed the trigger. All i heard was silence, then the SOB said, man! it’s your lucky day!!! and ran off. Was it my lucky day! Was the barrel of that gun empty! did it got jammed? or did it went off and send me into a Parallel Universe? Who knows. Whether Parallel Universe or this Dimension, i guess i can say I was lucky that day…Combine these episodes with some strange and unexplained experiences,i sometimes wonder, what if, just what if!!! There might be infinite worlds or Parallel Universes out there, and what would seem like our clones..Maybe there are infinite amount of clones…infinite universes. Something so Magnificent and powerful that partly decides our fate alongside our own self determination and chances in a Parallel Universe.

Tupac, Notorious B.I.G, and John Lennon were murdered. To you and i, they are dead, but what if they just simply got up on the fateful day after they were shot and walked away..Headlines: Tupac “almost” died from multiple gunshot wounds, but he survived. He was transferred to the PARALLEL UNIVERSE!!!..and i can say the same for B.I.G and John Lennon…John Denver and Aaliyah both died in a plane crash, but in the Parallel Universe they made it!(for all my Lost fans, i think the people really died on that plane in their original dimension, and they are stuck or “Lost” in a Purgatory type dimension, but something or somebody figured out how to manipulate dimensional travel etc, another blog here).

To make another case, lets go with an hypothesis. Maybe one or more of you had a close encounter with death a few days or weeks ago, you “almost” got hit by a car, you “almost” died from an ailment, or maybe a friend or love one “almost” died. Therefore you sigh a deep breath and celebrate your close call as if you won the $250 million lottery. You told your friends and family about your close call with death. You are now on Myspace, reading the crazy stuff, listening to music,playing your own music, and reading my blog…But! should you be celebrating your close call. What if your friends and family are mourning you because you never really made it, at least in that Dimension. You were hit by that car! You “almost” survived, but you “never” made it! at least in your previous world or universe, but you are given a chance in this Alternate Dimension, A PARALLEL UNIVERSE!!!…Like a feeling of Deja vu, i had that feeling on several occasions,where i woke up and felt as if the day’s events seemed so familiar, very familiar…it’s like you can tell what might happen next!!! But it could be the new Dimension (Parallel Universe)that i woke up into…something tragic could have happened in my previous universe…That dream you or i have, might be real or somehow connected to our past and re-incarnated lives.

What about Re-incarnation? For my entire life i have always experience some of the strangest and most terrifying episodes,especially as a child. The visions,the voices, sleep paralysis,astral travel,(to light/dark dimensions)etc, etc. Most of my other-experiences/experiences occurred in a dream or semi-dream state. To mention all, it would be a few blogs into the future. One particular dream i can mention, is the one with dogs that have red eyes running after me, and i am kicking at them so hard, you might have to hold me down. I could feel the after effect as if i was running a marathon. At times i might wake up with the physical impact to my wrist, neck, feet,etc, etc from dreams with physical confrontations.

While discussing this episode with a Dear and Spiritual Friend, she brought forth a conscious take on this. I could be some sort of runner in a past life(17-1800 era)…running from something…evil. I can also add to this statement, that maybe i was in the 1700 era and i burned down a few plantations and took out a few plantation owners,therefore they let loose the pack of dogs on me(laughing, but! i always said if i was a slave back then, i would have burned down buildings and uprise all the damn time!)…maybe the dogs represent that demonic evil within the owners or something else.. The B.C era or post B.C era? Another Planet? The Future? Concentration Camp?(Maybe i took out a Guard and ran through the barb wire,and a few of the Nazi’s dogs were running after me?). How good or bad was my past life, our past lives, in that dimension or time. Now some of us are here experiencing the tell tale signs of our past lives and we still have a lot of work to do.

In conclusion, we could ask what really is death ? Do we graduate to different levels in different dimensions. Are some of us in Purgatory where we are given a chance and being tested on our GOOD and BADNESS exam ? Are some of us given a chance in a Parallel Universes to continue something?…maybe your friend or loved one in an abusive relationship needs assistance! Maybe some of us are re-incarnated here, TO DO IT ALL OVER…correct our wrongs, do good to others, help somebody in need! Karma might be the solution here.

Karma is how we choose to react and interact in this world,in this dimension. Everything good or bad we choose to do or not do, has a cause and effect in our lives. There is an higher power waiting on us to get it together. It should not matter if you are from Earth, Saturn,a different dimension, Black, White, Asian, Latino, Native American… etc, etc..Maybe we can finally solve the biggest question of our existence and this universe, IF!!! We come together! use our differences and strengths and stop hiding behind hate and ignorance…We are all taking a Vital Test whether we know it or not..Let’s create the best Karma ever by CHANGE for 2008 and beyond!

Craig Sounda.

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