Nibiru and Planet X 2012 Update by Sounda

The Doomsday Clock is ticking. Is the government not telling us the truth about what will really happen in December of 2012?

Why do so many oracles throughout history seem to point to that same date in December of 2012?

What is the massive “phantom” that’s hiding right behind the Sun?

Is it Nibiru? Planet X? Something else ominous?

The Mayans made several predictions that came true. Could their 2012 doomsday prophecy come true?

Do You have a survival plan?

This has been a update on The Mayan prophecy and update on 2012 doomsday; The Dark Rift, Galactic shift. Based on The Mayan Calendar, the Chinese oracle of the I Ching… Including the internet-based prophetic software program: December 21st, 2012.

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 Watch the sky!!!


About soundanation

Sound Designer, Electronic, Experimental, Audiovisual, and Multimedia Artist, with emphasis on Film/T.V and visual mediums. Craig Brown aka Sounda is a former Performance Artist with work featured within Compilation CDs, and tracks licensed for film and TV, just to name a few. My experience with the paranormal and connections to the cosmos, inspired a lot of my work. My goals include pushing the limit of Art through Sound and Music and establishing a strong foundation with my contribution in Film and TV. Favorite Lyric: You are just another brick in the wall by Pink Floyd Activities and Thoughts: Flying, stargazing, battling supernatural forces. There is no such thing as silence, silence has a sound. I am trying to figure out what lies within the 11th Dimension. I wonder if the beautiful ring planet is ready to take me back. Craft: Unidentified.
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3 Responses to Nibiru and Planet X 2012 Update by Sounda

  1. jake says:

    i forseen aliens comeing down on us on dec 21 after the solor elipse there after something not us
    a army of solider”s of hundread”s and ship”s raining on us im keeping my idedit a serect all mailing adress are personal

  2. Lets stay tuned and watch The sky!

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