The Iron Gate To My Heart Is Light Years Away

Most souls if not all are looking for love or to be loved. But we never seem to quite give love the way that we want to receive it. You can be married or with somebody and still be light years apart in understanding each other. Therefore it takes the most rigorous journey and adventures to get to my heart; The Iron Gate To My Heart. One would have to fly through the Milk Way Galaxy. Hang out with a bright Venus and run around in circles on Saturn. You might have to stop by Pleaides and meet my Seven Sisters. The look beautiful in the night sky, but they are tough and magnificent. Be prepared to play more games in the Pacman Nebula and hang out with rambunctious stars in the Orion Nebula. Maybe visit other dimensions and travel several light years to Alien Planets. Spiral in and out of The Spiral Galaxy and fly with strange creatures in the Eagle Nebula.

You are a quarter of the way to The Iron Gate To My Heart. If you are tired and thirsty, you can take a drink from the fountain in the Waterfall Nebula. If you are hungry why not get some sea food in the Crab Nebula. It might get dangerous in the Tarantula Nebula. Therefore you might want to go back to Pleaides and get help from my Seven Sisters or hide out in the Ghost Like Nebula. It is cool, dark and ethereal to take get some rest there. Travel more light years and meet stars that are so much bigger than the Sun, it will take you several life times to tour one. We are not far way. But no matter what you do, it will be very difficult to get to The Iron Gate To My Heart.

Therefore can we love each other the way we want to be love. Why not try to accept each other for the good we see and learn from one another. If a person isn’t what you expect them to be, then move on. Don’t try to destroy them. Don’t try to change them. Whatever drew your attention in the first place is what makes the person unique and apparently more special than what you had before. We are all seeking that love we find so hard to return. Just maybe, maybe you might get to the Iron Gate To My Heart in the Heart Nebula.

Craig SOUNDA Brown is a Electronica Artist/Sound Designer; from off the planet rhetoric to a warrior for justice, peace, love and light. I invite you to join me on Facebook Reverbnation and follow me on Twitter.


About soundanation

Sound Designer, Electronic, Experimental, Audiovisual, and Multimedia Artist, with emphasis on Film/T.V and visual mediums. Craig Brown aka Sounda is a former Performance Artist with work featured within Compilation CDs, and tracks licensed for film and TV, just to name a few. My experience with the paranormal and connections to the cosmos, inspired a lot of my work. My goals include pushing the limit of Art through Sound and Music and establishing a strong foundation with my contribution in Film and TV. Favorite Lyric: You are just another brick in the wall by Pink Floyd Activities and Thoughts: Flying, stargazing, battling supernatural forces. There is no such thing as silence, silence has a sound. I am trying to figure out what lies within the 11th Dimension. I wonder if the beautiful ring planet is ready to take me back. Craft: Unidentified.
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5 Responses to The Iron Gate To My Heart Is Light Years Away

  1. treespirit11 says:

    This is phenomenal! Did you really write this stuff? Lol!
    I also love the music.
    “Keep a green tree in your heart, and perhaps a singing bird will come.” – Chinese proverb.

    • soundanation says:

      Indeed and keeping in the Zen zone … It started out simple and I kept on writing as it flowed. I thought about the cosmos and the Iron Gate,etc…. Cool Chinese Proverb. Thanks for sharing! Stay tuned as always. Love and light.

      • treespirit11 says:

        You have a gift for writing, did you know that? .. smile….

      • soundanation says:

        Thank you. I see the art of story telling as part of the bigger picture of using poetry, writing, sound and music or painting to tell a story. As a writer and part of the artistic community you know the deal. Whatever medium we can use to tell our stories we simply go with the medium that calls us.

      • treespirit11 says:

        Perfectly said!

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