So What If You Are Weird

Everybody wants to join the crowd because nobody is willing to take a chance and be singled out. He is so weird, she is so weird. Some of us played by the rules, but the rules never played with us. Some people think it is merely cool, as if it is a trend or style to say; I am independent and free. Some of us know nothing but to be independent and free. We were born this way. We never knew it when we were younger. But as we looked back, we realized why we felt out of place, even if we were too quiet or shy to say; this isn’t me. We tried to assimilate, we tried to adjust to their style and thinking. But we were in pain. It comes at a cost. You got older and you have already climbed a long way to the top of the next man’s mountain. Therefore you have to start over and climb your own mountain.

You have a choice. You don’t have to live within the next man’s vision.

A weird collection of Superheroes UNSUNG HEROES;
A weird compilation of soundtracks;

Say it loud: I am weird and proud.

Peace, love and magnificent light. Watch the sky!


About soundanation

Sound Designer, Electronic, Experimental, Audiovisual, and Multimedia Artist, with emphasis on Film/T.V and visual mediums. Craig Brown aka Sounda is a former Performance Artist with work featured within Compilation CDs, and tracks licensed for film and TV, just to name a few. My experience with the paranormal and connections to the cosmos, inspired a lot of my work. My goals include pushing the limit of Art through Sound and Music and establishing a strong foundation with my contribution in Film and TV. Favorite Lyric: You are just another brick in the wall by Pink Floyd Activities and Thoughts: Flying, stargazing, battling supernatural forces. There is no such thing as silence, silence has a sound. I am trying to figure out what lies within the 11th Dimension. I wonder if the beautiful ring planet is ready to take me back. Craft: Unidentified.
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2 Responses to So What If You Are Weird

  1. treespirit11 says:

    I was listening to your “weird compilation of tracks” and felt so happy for all the “weirdness” coming out of it. “The Element of Surprise” and others are a gem. Love it all!
    Being weird is a blessing not a fault. It’s not our problem. It’s theirs. And it’s not even a problem at all.

    Tree Spirit good wishes!

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