Americans In Love With Guns


In America, we are in love with guns. A long time love affair. There was a documentary a few days ago about Gun sellers not even checking licenses or doing background checks. They simply hand over high power assault weapons to whomever they feel like handing it to. Take the cash. That’s it! Most of these guns also end up in Mexico where they are use to kill countless innocent civilians by Narcs. The same Narcs use these guns to kill USA border patrols!!! The tie is now. Wake up America. Wake up gun loving people. Those of us who know better and have the intelligence to know, lets be prepared to do what we can. Even march on Washington to stop ignorance. Stop all high power assault weapons being handed out to civilians.

Peace, love and light.


About soundanation

Sound Designer, Electronic, Experimental, Audiovisual, and Multimedia Artist, with emphasis on Film/T.V and visual mediums. Craig Brown aka Sounda is a former Performance Artist with work featured within Compilation CDs, and tracks licensed for film and TV, just to name a few. My experience with the paranormal and connections to the cosmos, inspired a lot of my work. My goals include pushing the limit of Art through Sound and Music and establishing a strong foundation with my contribution in Film and TV. Favorite Lyric: You are just another brick in the wall by Pink Floyd Activities and Thoughts: Flying, stargazing, battling supernatural forces. There is no such thing as silence, silence has a sound. I am trying to figure out what lies within the 11th Dimension. I wonder if the beautiful ring planet is ready to take me back. Craft: Unidentified.
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7 Responses to Americans In Love With Guns

  1. Suzy-Q says:

    I do believe that blaming guns completely is a knee-jerk reaction due to the fact that the root cause began in the home with extreme lack of parenting skills not only to give proper direction to a child but to ensure that proper mental-health care was being implemented. In order to help in these situation, neighbors and citizens need to get involved as well by paying attention to what is happening in neighboring homes and neighborhoods and take action. . . .not just turn up the radio/TV and go to sleep.

    And what about the violent video games that are on the market today?

    However, guns do kill and especially when in the hands of people who should never handle any type of weapon. In light of these heinous acts of barbarism having happened in our country various times, more control should be developed immediately. There is a petition at and the following is a plan that would suit me as a citizen of the USA:

    After much thought and research on the gun control in the United States, I will no longer advocate guns in the USA. I want comprehensive automatic and semi-automatic gun controls. I want US citizens to still have their right to arms in the form of basic handguns, shotguns and rifles for hunting and self-protection.

    I would like to see much greater controls on those who are allowed to purchase and own guns via pictured licensing with proper classes being mandated for usage (as we have for drivers) annual registration (as we have for motor vehicles) as well as 5 year mental evaluations.

    There should be taxes and limitations on ammunition purchases. All guns that are owned at present, beyond the Basic realm, should be turned in and destroyed. IF, they are collectors’ items, these guns should be registered as such, with NO Ammunitions. Anyone that argues people should be armed as militia to fend off government, does not have an argument. With drones and stealth bombers at government disposal, these weapons are useless anyway.

    It should be mandatory for anyone owning multiple legal guns to own a combination safe in which to store them. Otherwise, if guns not under safekeeping are stolen or a mentally-challenged family member kills a multitude of people, gun owners are held liable.

    • soundanation says:

      Indeed! Although I am not even a lover of any guns. But if people want their second amendment to own guns…. at least limit them to the simple hand guns and not deadly assault weapons. The amendment wasn’t written in this decade, it was written at a time when muskets were the norm.

      Yes I am not a fan of violent video games. That is another topic to add to this crazy world we live in. Yes parents should be more responsible and especially when one knows they have a child with mental illness. More Mental Health issues needs to be a great emphasis than ever. Including, you show poor further judgment when you have guns including deadly assault weapons in the home.

      Thanks for the link, I signed up. I think from this point I will make attempts to stand with these causes. Kudos to president Obama making efforts. Looking forward to VP Biden’s attack plan to deal with this situation.

  2. Suzy-Q says:

    As i posted the above, I heard President Obama live on TV discussing similar remedies. I do hope actions will be taken into the wave of America to stand up and say “enough.”

  3. Suzy-Q says:

    Thanks, Craig! I also sent this in a form of an e-mail to Joe Biden since he is in charge of new control laws for guns ~ I sent copies of that Biden e-mail to some people and got a response back from a neighbor who claims to have 2 semi-automatic guns…..duh, and he had emergency brain surgery last spring or summer and had some anger issues after that surgery and on psych meds to obviously control those issues. Here are his words verbatim: “I have 2 semi-automatic pistols…. one downstairs and one by my bed…. they are for personal protection… i want them easily avail in case they are needed to thwart a threat… i do find it amazing that I have a lifetime permit to carry a concealed weapon and there are no updates required by the state ever; unless your address changes. I also find amazing the truck drivers etc that have a Commercial.Drivers.Licenses are subject to random drug tests and owners of devices that are designed to kill are not. I question why Indiana and others require guns to be concealed…. i would much rather know who’s carrying.”

    Indiana has “Stand your ground” laws, so many people get away with murder if they believe they are being threatened or to protect themselves from just a fist fight.

    A couple of weeks ago, our city had 10 houses in very high-dollar areas raided by the FBI. They seized a volume of guns from all houses. The one guy who is the brother of Jason Fabini, the one-time linebacker football star, was the host of the FBI team, etc., from about 9 a.m. until 3 a.m. the following day. I can’t follow if any arrests were made as if it went Federal, nothing would show up until convicted of whatever federal crime. A sport’s writer out of NY indicated that Matthew McChesney worked for Michael Fabini. McChesney was convicted to a Michigan Federal prison in 2011 (arrested 2008) for having millions of dollars, automatic guns and 3 tons of pot stored in a rural community, plus many safes. McChesney was first arrested for being pulled over with a pound of pot on him along with a couple hundred thousands of dollars. The news is holding off on any more coverage on the Fabini’s obviously because of judiciary links of federal courts being private.

    • soundanation says:

      Well stories like these are evidence of why certain people should not even have a simple rifle much less high powered weapons. I am not sure why your state operates that way in respect to gun and stand your ground law. But one thing i can say is, NYC, LA, Chicago and others don’t have them, regardless of how people like to paint these cities as crazy and violent. They are far more progressive and modern in their thinking. At least the cities, if not the state.

      • Suzy-Q says:

        Well, we both know without naming the topic of corruption that LA is no city of angels as the main industry is larger than revenues of the top technology companies combined : Microsoft, Google, Amazon, eBay, Yahoo!, Apple, Netflix and EarthLink. Take your pick, guns or selling of souls to prince of darkness . . One could call that progressive and modern . . .

      • soundanation says:

        I would rather not hang around with people who love guns as life styles. To each his own. But that is me.

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