Nothing Can Compete With Nature

Nothing Can Compete With Nature

According to recent studies and research by leading experts, being in nature is indeed very vital to one’s mind, body and spirit. People who are exposed to natural scenes aren’t just happier or more comfortable; the very building blocks of their physiological well-being also respond positively.

I am a strong proponent of hiking in the mountains and relaxing by the Oceanside. If I am not around these natural elements, I can sense and feel something is missing and strong feelings of SADNESS. Indeed, we are all not the same. Some of us are definitely better off in and around the ocean and mountains. While some folks prefer to sit home and watch t.v all day. But even those who are not deeply connected to nature, can benefit from it. They just don’t know it.

This is not surprising to some of us. We don’t need a research team or further testing to prove the benefits of being in nature. From patients healing faster and various ethnic groups benefiting the most and warding off early deaths when they adapt some form of exposure to nature in their daily lives.

You can read the article via the picture link above or the link here;


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Sound Designer, Electronic, Experimental, Audiovisual, and Multimedia Artist, with emphasis on Film/T.V and visual mediums. Craig Brown aka Sounda is a former Performance Artist with work featured within Compilation CDs, and tracks licensed for film and TV, just to name a few. My experience with the paranormal and connections to the cosmos, inspired a lot of my work. My goals include pushing the limit of Art through Sound and Music and establishing a strong foundation with my contribution in Film and TV. Favorite Lyric: You are just another brick in the wall by Pink Floyd Activities and Thoughts: Flying, stargazing, battling supernatural forces. There is no such thing as silence, silence has a sound. I am trying to figure out what lies within the 11th Dimension. I wonder if the beautiful ring planet is ready to take me back. Craft: Unidentified.
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2 Responses to Nothing Can Compete With Nature

  1. treespirit11 says:

    I have just posted a post about my visit to the Park today etc.. and now I found you talking about Nature, its benefits etc.. Great timing.
    Indeed, some of us are more open to the beauty that surrounds us in nature and take in the light, healing and peace from it all, than others. Its not that they don’t see it, it’s just that they don’t wanna see it.
    Great photo by the way, beautiful light.
    Have a positive week Craig!! 🙂

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